Magical Dessert Bar

If you love Unicorns, you have probably heard of the Magical Dessert Bar. The first one was in Dallas, Texas. And recently Houston got one as well! It is an Instagram unicorn paradise. When it first opened, the lines were out of the door and wrapped around the building. I had no intentions of waiting in those long lines. I waited about a month or more for the hype to die down a bit and then decided to go. My friends and I went at 1pm on a Wednesday and there was no line whatsoever. After seeing all the glamorous Instagram posts and TV news specials… I was a little disappointed. The shop itself is dirty and the decor seems to be very cheap. As for the actual “food”…I had a unicorn milkshake and it was $15.. Definitely not worth the money. There was no way to eat/drink it with a straw, I had to get a spoon. It was like a frozen soft serve ice cream. I also got the curacao cotton candy lemonade and that was actually pretty good. If you have kids it is still a cool spot to bring them to and experience. But if you are looking for quality and flavor, this isn’t the place for you.

Magical Dessert Bar

907 Westheimer

Houston, TX 77006

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