Turkey Protein Bowl

A healthy lunch or dinner! This bowl is packed with protein and yummy ingredients. My husband loved it (which is always a good sign).


-Ground turkey meat (I used Jennie-O Ground Turkey Breast 99% lean 1% fat).


-Shredded cheese (I used Shelbourne Farms & Fiddlehead Brewing Company’s Beer Cheddar Cheese).


-Seasoning (I used Mrs.Dash Table Blend Salt-Free).


-Brown rice (I used Success Boil-in-Bag Brown Rice). <– This is a great/easy option if you are horrible at cooking rice like I am!


-Salsa (I used Mark’s Good Stuff ‘Hot’ Salsa)


*Avocado/Lemon not pictured.

The first thing I started to cook was the boil in a bag rice. It takes about 10 minutes, so it’s good to have that cooking while you prepare everything else. Then I browned the turkey meat and broke it into smaller pieces as it was cooking. When the turkey was just about done, I sprinkled the seasoning all over it. Once everything was done, I mixed the meat, rice, and shredded cheese together and put it in a bowl. Then I squeezed lemon juice on it and topped it with some salsa and freshly sliced avocado pieces…and that’s all! Done! With a recipe like this you can add so many things and change it up to suit anybody’s tastebud’s!

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