A must have product for book lovers!

Thoughtful gifts are always the best kind of gifts. My sister Roxana got me this reading log for Christmas this past year. She knows how much I love to read, so this present really meant a lot to me! When I was little she used to write stories for me and that really helped grow the love I have for reading. Sometimes we would get the same book and read it together to be able to discuss everything about it.

If you enjoy reading, you’ll definitely want to have this. Inside you will find a bunch of pages such as the ones pictured below:


Each book that you read has two dedicated pages where you can write the title, author, publisher, genre, starting date, ending date, review, 3 words to summarize the book, and A-F rating. On the next page there is a spot for you to write “notes, quotes, and other things to remember:” about the book. As I continue to work on blogging about books, it is the perfect tool for me to use.


“At Book Riot, we believe that reading for escape and entertainment is just as valid and just as important as reading to learn and grow, and there’s room for books that do all of these things and more. Books make our world better, and they make it bigger, and there’s no right or wrong way to be a reader. If you love books and you’re open to all the ways they might change you, you’re already winning.”

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