Potato Parcel

Do you sometimes have a hard time deciding what gift to get somebody? I looove shopping for gifts for other people! I actually enjoy it more than shopping for myself. There’s just something about finding the perfect gift for someone that makes me so happy. When it comes to my parents…they are SO hard to shop for! Not because “I don’t know” what to get them but because they have everything! And if there’s something they want, they just go out and get it. Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I found myself trying to figure out what to get my mom. Then I came across “Potato Parcel”. You may have seen it on Shark Tank. I think it’s just the funniest/most random/amazing gift haha! It is literally a potato in a box. You can customize the potato with a message or even a picture. Right now they even have a “Mother’s Day bundle”. And you better believe that is what I got for my mom!


Pictured above is the potato that I had sent to my mom. The “Mother’s Day” package included the potato and a pop up paper flower bouquet.


For a potato with a message on it ,the cost is $11.99. (130 character limit)

For a potato with your face on it, the cost is $15.99.

For a potato “postcard”, the cost is $13.99.


They also offer various add ons, boxes, etc.

Check them out at http://www.potatoparcel.com

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