The Golden Son by Shilpi Somaya Gowda

It can be pretty rare for me to go into a bookstore with a specific book in mind. I normally just walk around picking up various books that intrigue me. I read the synopsis provided, I look up the book reviews online and then pick up another…I repeat this process until I find something that interests me. It has shown me books that I never would have otherwise found. A lot of them have been great. And that is how I stumbled upon “The Golden Son” by Shilpi Somaya Gowda. And I am SO happy I did!


“…an unforgettable story of family, responsibility, love, honor, tradition, and identity, in which two childhood friends—a young doctor and a newly married bride—must balance the expectations of their culture and their families with the desires of their own hearts.”

The story takes place in India and in Dallas,TX. For me this story was especially interesting because my husband is from Bangalore, India. I always love reading novels/stories that have something to do with his homeland. I am constantly asking him, “how do you pronounce this name? Is this something you remember from India?”. This was another book that I could not put down. I finished it over the span of 2 days. The story is so beautiful and ends in such a way that doesn’t feel forced. A lot of books rush to an ending that just isn’t right. Not “The Golden Son”. As a reader of “The Golden Son”, you will experience a wide variety of emotions: happiness, anger, sadness, love, and hope.


Page count: 432

GoodReads rating: 4.1

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