Scoot Over and Make Some Room by Heather Avis

If you need to read a book that radically changes your heart and your way of thinking when it comes to those with different abilities…this is your book! Even if you don’t…this is still your book! Heather Avis is a remarkable, super mom, advocate, and all around amazing human being. She is the mother of Macyn Hope, Truly Star, and August Ryker. God gave her and her husband (Josh) their beautiful children through adoption. Macy & August have Down syndrome and completely rock the heck out of their extra chromosome! Truly is a force to be reckoned with and has a level of self confidence I wish every individual could possess. Scoot Over and Make Some Room is Heather’s second book. Her first book is The Lucky Few. Scoot Over and Make Some Room is focused on “creating a space where everyone belongs”. As a lover and fierce advocate for those with special needs/different abilities this book profoundly changed my heart. Sometimes we think we know everything there is to know about a topic or how being nice and respectful to someone different is all that needs to be done. NOPE! That may be a start but it’s not even close to being enough! And Heather explains all of this to us in a loving but firm way.

Scoot Over and Make Some Room has a 4.7 rating on GoodReads.

Page count: 224

For more information on this book and the amazing Avis family, visit

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