For the past several months, I have seen multiple ads on Instagram for HydroJug. After seeing enough of them to become interested, I decided to check out their website. HydroJug is large water bottle, nothing fancy. It holds 72oz..just a little more than half a gallon which is the recommended daily intake. I tried to win a free on through a bunch of contests on Instagram to no avail :(. I finally decided to order one. I like the HydroJug because I fill it up in the morning, sip on it throughout the day… and once it is empty, I know I am done with my water intake for the day! It makes it simple and easy to keep track of.

On their website, there are quite a few color options to choose from. I had been eyeing the “light pink” color but it is always sold out. I settled on ordering “hot pink” and I am glad I did because it is way closer to what I would consider a light pink/millennial pink. And that is my favorite color! They also offer sleeves, carrying cases for your bottle. I didn’t order one but I am thinking that I may. Something, I definitely recommend is ordering the HydroStraw.

One of my favorite things about HydroJug hasn’t been just the water bottle itself but their awesome customer service! When I received my bottle there was a bit of some fading/flaking of the logo. I emailed customer service and within hours received a response.. and then just 2 days later, a brand new bottle!!!


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