The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar

I haven’t been keeping up with my reading lately for various reasons but I am glad to be back at it! There is nothing like holding a book, diving right in, and getting lost in a new world! Thrity Umrigar definitely transports you to a different world with her vivid imagery and mastery of descriptions. It is one of those books where you feel as though  you are watching the story unfold before your eyes, rather than reading it. It is a story of love, heartbreak, family, denial, and betrayal all wrapped up into one. We are able to get glimpses into the lives of two different castes in India. The world of a servant and the world of a privileged family. The differences are vast and heartbreaking yet vital to the story. Your heart breaks along with the heart of Bhima, the main character.  The San Francisco Chronicle stated it perfectly, “Remarkable… What makes The Space Between Us so engrossing is its ability to make readers feel empathy for its subjects…To read Umrigar’s novel is to catch a glimpse of a foreign culture, for better, and for worse…Class colors everything, but in the end, Umrigar shows, life’s ups and downs are available to us all.”

There is a sequel, “The Secrets Between Us”… I bought it the other day and now that I have finished the first one, I can not wait to get started on it!

GoodReads rating:4

Page count: 321


    1. CaseyJoshi

      I completely agree with you on that one! I judge books by their covers too as much as I hate to admit it… The copy I purchased has a different cover but I couldn’t find a good picture of it to upload so I went with this one…But even the one I got, I wasn’t fond of the cover at all and just so happened to read the back and that’s when I decided to get it.

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