Twisted Love

Today my husband and I tried a soft serve ice cream spot here in Houston, “Twisted Love”. My husband loves soft serve and I love ice cream! Here in Houston, we have our own Chinatown. It is an awesome area where you can find a plethora of Chinese bakeries, cafes, spas, restaurants, and stores. At “Twisted Love” the ice creams may look intricate but the ordering process is quite simple. They have it down to just three steps. Step 1: Pick one of six flavors. Step 2: Pick Toppings. Step 3: Choose if you want a cup or cone.

There are also a variety of combo soft serves you can choose from. What you see in the picture is what I chose, “Breakfast In A Cone”. It is a fruity pebble flavored soft serve topped with Fruity Pebbles and Trix, freeze dried strawberries, and two sticks of chocolate Pocky. It tasted super refreshing and was absolutely delicious!!! Perfect for a hot summer’s day.

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