behold the dreamers by imbolo mbue

“A dissection of the American dream…savage and compassionate in all the right places.” -The New York Times

I am SO glad that I came across this novel. I feel like it is very important to read so that people may gain a better understanding of what life can be like for immigrants in the United States. We have always heard of “The American Dream”…but there are plenty of times where it is anything BUT some kind of fairytale dream.

In Behold The Dreamers we are introduced to Cameroonian immigrants, Jende and Neni. Their struggles and triumphs will truly touch your soul. You will find yourself celebrating their successes and feel your heart break alongside theirs. You want the best for them. Mbue has created characters you won’t soon forget.

I definitely recommend this book!

GoodReads rating: 4

Page Count: 402

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